Hold on to the Cable well and go water skiing in Aqaba, Jordan

Want to try a new thrilling adventure? Then, the Water Skiing sport in Aqaba is your best option!  All you need to know whether you’re an advanced or a beginner is right down here. Follow us, and let’s figure it out together. Shall we?!

Are you ready for a Water sport Ride? 

Water Skiing in Aqaba, Jordan

Leave the shore and discover the surface of the mind-blowing water under the glowing sky. When it comes to the sky and sea, let me tell you a bit of small advice. Don’t forget to choose a sunny day for this adventure to ensure the perfect memories of a lifetime.

Water Skiing is an everybody sport. You can start your own adventure at the age of 6. You’ll be tied to a rope and pulled by a boat across the water while your feet standing on specially-designed skis. Every inch of your body will get a great deal of benefits. The one-hour session is capable of burning up to 400 calories, help you train your muscles, and master your balance. Above all, you’ll have the chance to set your worries aside while the wind caresses your hair.

Tips for Water Skiing:

Water Skiing in Aqaba, Jordan

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! If it’s your first time to ski, then check out these tips:

  • Do some stretching to your back, leg, and arms before starting your adventure.
  • Don’t try to stand up quickly when the rope starts to pull you.
  • Rest your shoulders level and keep the rope between your skis
  • Keep your eyes up and look ahead to maintain your balance.
  • Extend your arms. That will help you if you got slack, as you’d find a space left to keep your balance. Unlikely, if you pulled the rope to your chest tight as that would keep you away from hurting your muscles.
  • Keep your weight centered. That would keep you up for much longer.
  • Are you flipping? Can’t stand a second more? Let go of the rope! Yes, let it go and don’t worry, your life jacket will save you. Also, the boat will return back to get you and continue discovering how it looks like walking on the water!


 What do you need to do?

Water Skiing in Aqaba, Jordan

First of all, you need to know that you’re absolutely safe! if you flip, don’t worry. Your life jacket will keep you up. Also, we’ll be there to ensure your comfort. Keep in mind that Water Skiing is not regarded as a dangerous sport. In 5 minutes or less, you’ll be able to master your moves.

  • Adjust some hand gestures with your instructor for communication.
  • Raise your thumb in a form of Facebook like for going faster and the opposite for slowing down.


Becoming advanced!

Water Skiing in Aqaba, Jordan

As you practice throughout many trails, you’ll get more advanced. Let us offer you some secret tricks you don’t want to miss!

You can try some Slalom as a fair solution you can come up with if you’re not advanced enough. By the time you center your weight, try to twine a little bit. That will make you control the adventure in your own way and allow you to live it to the fullest. Also, you can try to lean your body back and side to go in your own directions and have much fun.

Get off your Sunbed!

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity! Let the wind roar in your ears while you lean your body back and side. And, when you fall, get ready to sea ski again with huge laughter filling the air. At Sea Breeze, we promise to make your experience as fun and safe as possible. You don’t need to get any equipment except for your swimming suit and your personal towel and we will provide anything else. Knowing that it’s your best destination to ski – water surface sport, check out our hot offers made especially for you!



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