Do you want to try parasailing in Aqaba, Jordan? – Our parasailing docks at Aqaba are welcoming tourists and enthusiast vacationers all year round. Some people are extremely nervous about the prospect of flying high in the air strapped only to a harness and attached to the boat through a line. On hearing this, it can be a bit scary! But, we are here to make your adventure both safe and comfortable. Parasailing is one of the coolest things to try in Aqaba. So, why don’t you give it a try?!

First, what is the most popular water sport in Aqaba, Jordan?

parasailing in aqaba, jordan

If it’s your first time in Aqaba, you’ll be wondering what the most exciting water sport to try during your vacation. Aqaba is graced by the magnificent Red Sea, with its picturesque corals and colorful fish. That’s why scuba diving and snorkeling are the most popular water sports in Aqaba. But, what are the other must-try water sports in Aqaba? – When it comes to thrill and adventure, Aqaba will never let you down.


Get off your sunbed, summon your inner confidence, and see what the Red Sea has to offer. Choose from a diverse collection of water sports and enjoy the feeling of adrenaline rushing into your veins when you try something different. What about parasailing? – Your heart is beating, right?!

Ready to fly high? Parasailing is a way to do that:

parasailing in aqaba, jordan

Do you want to feel what is it like to fly in the sky over the stunning sea? – You can do it now! Escape the bustling world, compete with the birds, and you’ll get rewarded by the most enchanting scenery from the top. Feeling free already?! –  Let me depict the scene for you. You are attached to a parachute gliding over the sparkling waters, with the cool breeze playing with your hair. All you see is the breathtaking panoramic view, all you hear is the sound of serenity and roaring wind, and all you feel is the swaying movement of the parachute.

Both adventurous and peaceful, set your fears aside and see the world from a whole different perspective. At Sea breeze, we will guarantee that you have the ride of your life, ensuring the highest safety standards. Simply put, parasailing is safe, fun, blast, and easy! Are you ready to hit the sky on a parasailing adventure?!

Tips for Parasailing:

parasailing in aqaba, jordan

If this is your first time to try parasailing, you may be skeptical about the whole experience. It is better to do some research to know what to expect and enjoy the ride with no worries. You may have heard that you need to be a good swimmer or that it’s similar to riding a roller coaster. Actually no! It is a quiet experience, where you fly into the sky at a steady speed. And, if you want to add some spice to your trip, ask your captain to give you a few dips into the water. Let’s bust some myths, so, check out our tips to walk into this new adventure with confidence.


  • Know the equipment

As feeling safe is the key to an enjoyable parasailing experience, you have to know the basic tools and understand how it works. You will not end up in the water, but for safety measures, you have to wear a life jacket. You will sit in what looks like a swing attached to the passenger tow bar from all ends. The bar is attached to the parachute and the towline is towed through the sky from the speeding boat.


  • Know the weather

As we know, wind and water are the key highlights of a good parasail experience! Yes, the high wind will allow steady flying and best floating. However, it will cause choppy waters, rippling with waves, leading to an unpleasant boat trip. So, you need to opt for a clear, bright day to get the best parasail, with maximum visibility and great communication with your captain.


  • Know the limits

The weight and age limits are fixed for all companies and in every country. The minimum age is 6 years old and anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian. If multiple riders go up together, their weight altogether must be between 90 and 450 pounds. The same rule applies to solo parasailers. The captain will always fill you in with the rules and limits before your adventure.


  • Get to know the crew

Once you’re in the sky, you won’t be able to communicate with the crew or anyone in the boat. So, you need to agree on how to communicate or signal before you’re high in the air. That’ll be important in case you’ve any comment or want to end your trip before the real time.


  • Do your research

Always research the company on the different social media channels, read the reviews, and make sure it’s trusted before you make any reservations. The reviews will give you a clue of the whole trip from the moment the boat drives off until you land on the boat deck. Yes, reviews can’t be 100% fair in all cases, but a lot of negative reviews may be an indication.

Do you have to do anything?

Being in the air, all you have to do is to relax, take a deep breath, and stuff your eyes with the spectacular view. You don’t need to be nervous or hang on for dear life. Enjoy the ride and let the captain do the hard work. Many people think they need to hold on to the harness strap or they will fall out. This is completely wrong! You’re highly secured within the seat and back support, making it impossible to go anywhere. Still afraid? – Give it a shot and try for yourself!

Do you have to know how to swim?

No, you don’t need to have any swimming skills to go for a parasailing adventure! Just hop aboard the boat, sit securely into your seat, and get ready to fly. You may just brush the surface of the water before you fly or land, upon an agreement with the captain. Promise, you won’t fall off into the water!

Parasailing is FUN!

Parasailing is the ideal water activity if you want to try something easy and add some spice to your trip at the same time! What can be better than the sparkling sea, clear sky, and some moments of peace away from the chaos of the beach? Whether you want to go alone or as a team, at Sea Breeze, we will make sure you enjoy this experience to the fullest.


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