A Boat Cruise in Aqaba is a refreshing change away from the usual routine and a short gateway to some peaceful vibes. Get your fix of sun and fun as you admire the exotic colors of the Red Sea. With amazing views and perfect weather, you’re going to spend the time of your life! Are you ready to conquer the sea?!

A quiet trip with Boat Cruise

boat cruise in aqaba

Looking for a new experience in Aqaba?

The short answer is “Boat Cruise.” This trip is ideal for families with kids, friends, couples, and honeymooners. What can be better than spending the day in the middle of the water?  Nothing indeed! Shake things a little bit, relaunch yourself, stop to admire the stunning scenery. And, if you’re lucky, you may see the dolphins jumping and playing. Can you feel the aromatic sea air in your nose?!

Some Tips for a flawless Boat Cruise in Aqaba

boat cruise in aqaba

  • Search for your Boat Cruise

Of course, you want everything to be perfect during your vacation. So, why don’t you search for your boat cruise before you book? – Yes, it is always a good idea! Search for the company, read the customers’ reviews and ratings, and finally, make your decision. At Sea Breeze, we offer luxurious boat cruises to spend the day in style, taking into consideration the highest safety standards. Pamper yourself and your partner when you surprise them with a special cruise in the heart of the stunning Red Sea.


  • Don’t pack too much

You don’t need to pack extra stuff, just the things you will use during your trip. The less, the better! For men, it’s better to have extra shorts and a collared shirt. As for the women, leave your long dress and high heels at home. And, most importantly, don’t forget your sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, and comfortable flip flops or shoes.


  • Meet the crew

The crew will be in your company during the next few hours. So, get to know them, listen to their stories, and interact genuinely with them, along with the other passengers. If you like to meet new people, you will definitely enjoy this time. Quality time is highly guaranteed!


  • Unplug your phone

Don’t you just want to have a little break? – Forget about your phone, withdraw from Facebook, and chatting. Free yourself, enjoy the cool breeze, immerse yourself in the mesmerizing nature around you, and engage in real conversations. We can assure you that you’ll leave this cruise a totally different person what the one who stepped into the boat earlier.


  • Snap the perfect sunrise or sunset photo

Witnessing the sunrise or sunset can be the highlight of your boat cruise! Don’t miss this magical moment and lose yourself in this artistic beauty as the sun rays reflect their dramatic colors on the sparkling waters. Can you resist this? And, don’t forget to snap pictures to document this magnificent trip!


  • Have fun

All you have to do during this trip is to have fun! No stress, no worries – Just FUN!  Stand on the deck and watch this picture-perfect scenery, with the birds flying over your head, matching the water movement. The tension is leaving your nerves already?! Participate in the different activities, bask in the sun, and dance to the rhythm of the music. Enjoy the soothing vibes and do whatever you want with a taste of freedom, privacy, and luxury.

Sea Breeze Boating Services

  • Private Yachtboat cruise in aqaba

At Sea Breeze, we offer a unique experience afloat to spend the day with your family or beloved ones in private. Add more sparkle to your vacation, choose from a diverse collection of modern boats, and have a memorable day that you’ll remember for years. Our team will make sure you have everything you need to make your cruise extra special.


  • Glass Boatboat cruise in aqaba

If you want to explore the striking underwater world without getting wet, you won’t find better than a glass boat experience. Witness the picturesque corals and colorful fish passing in front of your eyes through the large glass in a breathtaking view like no other. Yes, the Red Sea is home to real wonders that will blow your mind!

Is it safe?

Yes, at Sea Breeze, safety is our number one priority, taking into consideration all the necessary procedures. You won’t have to spend any second worrying, make every moment count, and enjoy your adventure to the fullest.

Book NOW!

boat cruise in aqaba

Do you want to spend some time away from the bustling world? Do you want to have private moments with your family or friends? – We can make your day extra special and give you the attention you deserve. Everything is laid out for you and organized at your pace. Also, we make our best to custom spectacular trips that suit your interests and budget. Contact us for more information or check our website and know more about our daily trips, private yachts, and glass boats. It is time to give yourself a break, don’t you think?!

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