Who we are

Aqua Marina and Sea Breeze Company is one of (RED SAND & SEA Group ) Al Shweikini Touristic Group , part of diversified service, oriented and highly capable Land and sea enterprise. The Shweikini Name, well known in Aqaba, as long be trusted and respected resulting from decades of monumental Service in Aqaba and all the regions. For thirty years, The Shweikini Family has established a solid reputation for delivering uncompromising quality and integrity in all that they do. Newly established in 2010, Aqua Marina embarked on a journey to fulfill “5 stars ideal” in the Jordan Tourism sector.

We currently & exclusively operate at Al Manara Luxury Collection Hotel, Hyatt Regency Aqaba Ayla Hotel , Cloud 7 Residence Ayla Aqaba and Intercontinental Aqaba Hotel


To be the premier provider & the industry's leading advocate of luxury Water Sports , Yachting , and Diving services in the heart of Aqaba City ,with a commitment to excellence in guest satisfaction .

As a group we develop best practices, maintain waterway access rights, educate participants & promote safety and facilitate sustainable industry growth.


To lead, maintain, and develop a successful business by always providing an optimal range of quality products and services for exceptional outdoor adventurous activities.

with our well maintained and up to date equipment, safety kits, communication devices, and emergency tools we ensure SAFETY is # 1 priority

Happy Clients
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About Sea Breeze Dive Club

Sea Breeze Dive Club in a PADI Dive Resort our dive club located at InterContinental Hotel Aqaba Resort, Saraya Aqaba Resorts & Hotels and a special
office in Aqaba City Center which will give us privilege to have our own FREE
TAX dive shop (THE HEART OF THE DIVE INDUSTRY) and to be in direct
contact with all aqaba’s visitors under the name of Sea Breeze Dive Club
locally licensed under permit number OP2218081917.

CEO Message

“Our success begins with our clients, and our willingness to stretch & to grow” 

Our philosophy focuses on exploring the beauty of the Red Sea on board various types of tailor-made yachts and boats, and also providing the newest and best equipment for water sports adventures. 

We believe that providing a fun filled experience is essential for guests to make  exceptional memories on their holidays.  Our professional approach is to ensure guests will experience pure and authentic local hospitality.

We are blessed with a growing group of exceptional and dedicated managers , supervisors and employees. We are proud to say that our employees genuinely care for , and have a special relationship with all the accounts and clients whom we serve. We focus on five core values : hospitality , integrity , quality , vision and creativity. All staff hold these values at the forefront of our operating philosophy. 

Meet the Team

Captain Emran Najem
Parasailing Captain
Suha AlHmoud
Deputy G.M
Mohammad Mohtaseb
operation supervisor- recreation
Amer Elewah
Shuttle bus driver
Amir Shweikini
Reservation Supervisor
Cap.Ashraf Jaa’frah
water sports captain
Mohammad Sabri
boat sailor
Cap. Kamel Hilawi
control boat driver
Cap. Kamal Marzouq
The Boat captain
Boat captain
Boat captain
M. Samara
Bus Driver
M. Etfat
Technical and Helper
Dive Club Managing Director
Chief Instructor
Dive Guide and Instructor
Reservation Agent