You don’t have to be a perfect swimmer, but you need some basic swimming skills. For safety reasons, you need to complete a 200-meters swim and 10-minutes of floating. Get comfortable in the water and choose any swimming stroke you want.

Our Padi course will teach you how to face and handle each situation, taking into consideration your fear before your first dive. Our course will teach you how to check your oxygen gauge regularly. You will know how to deal with the out of air situation, so, you don’t have to worry.

Of course, you can dive! You have the option to dive, wearing contact lenses. Consider daily disposable lenses because you may lose any of them during the process. If you don’t prefer this option, you can invest in your own prescription mask that matches your eyesight to avoid this hassle.

When you start learning how to scuba dive, you will need the basic equipment, including mask, snorkel, and fins.

You may experience some discomfort under the water due to the effect of air pressure on your ears. Don’t worry, your body will adjust to the pressure changes by time. We will teach you how! Avoid wearing an exposed suit and watch where your hands and legs go.

No, our dive center allows hiring equipment. But, if you want to buy your own, you’re free to do so.