Aqaba Fishing Tours with Private Yachts

Fishing trips - Seebreeze Aqaba
Fishing trips – Seebreeze Aqaba

Do you want to get away from the outer world and spend some quality time with your friends or family? – There won’t be better than a fishing trip. Let me depict the scene for you! You will be in the middle of the water. All you see is breathtaking nature, all you feel is the swaying boat, reflecting the water movement, and all you hear is the birds humming in the clear sky. Tempted yet?!

What makes Aqaba a good place for a fishing tour?


The Gulf of Aqaba is one of the magnificent fishing spots, being rich in marine life like sailfish, tuna, sardines, and more. Aqaba is a true heaven for fishermen and anyone interested in marine life. And, if you’re wondering about the best time to go fishing in Aqaba, we’ll say it depends on the species. However, deep-sea fishing trips usually take place in Summer from May to September.

Wanna make your Aqaba Fishing Tour perfect?

Fishing Trips - Seebreeze Aqaba
Fishing Trips – Seebreeze Aqaba
  • The trip

Here comes your trip to Aqaba Gulf– hurray! Of course, you’ll be excited by now but there are a few things to consider first. At first, make sure you’ve packed everything you need. We all forget things, especially when we are excited. Make a list and make sure you’ve them all before you set off. Leave early to arrive on time for your fishing trip, greet the crew, and hop aboard the boat. And, you can’t miss this advice; get a good night’s sleep the day before to enjoy your fishing trip to the fullest.

  • Meet the crew

Getting acquainted with the boat’s crew is important to have an enjoyable excursion with no equal. Build a rapport, start a friendly conversation, and get to know your captain. Prepare to be amazed by their interesting stories and bizarre incidents. These people are so friendly and appreciate good manners. So, don’t hesitate to ask them any questions. Enjoy their company! They are not just there to take you on a fishing trip or bait or hooks. Learn how to fish, meet new people, and have some quality time at the same time!

  • Getting on board

Your first time on a boat? – Take your time to get comfortable around the yacht even if the water is calm. Ask the crew for a dry spot to leave your belongings and move freely aboard the boat.  Keep your balance when you move and always hold on to something, so, you won’t fall or stumble.

  • The trip duration

Many people think that the stated duration of the trip stands for fishing time only. But, it is not really! It is the duration of the whole trip, including the drive from and to the fishing spots. And, if you think this is a waste of time, you are completely wrong. The drive is an enjoyable part of the trip! Enjoy the sun as you bounce into the water, have some moments of peace, and feast your eyes with the enthralling nature. Also, you can take advantage of this time to bring your equipment onboard, whether you’re using one or more rods.

  • Enjoy fishing

Deep fishing trips usually require live baits, so, make sure to purchase some before you start your adventure. Once you reach your fishing destination, the captain will teach you how to fish and what species you should expect. Usually, you won’t catch a fish for the first few trials, but hopefully, you will by time. And, the captain will help you improve your technique and catch lots of fish, fulfilling your wish. Congrats on your first fish! Now, the captain will tell you if the fish is within the legal limits or not. If yes, you will bring it onto the boat. If not, he will teach how to remove the hook and release the fish back into the water, yes, there is a technique for this too.

So, why don’t you enjoy our great collection of yachts?

Private Yachts - Seabreeze Aqaba
Private Yachts – Seabreeze Aqaba


At Seabreeze, we have an extensive collection of impressive yachts, with an experienced crew and perfect services. Choose what suits your taste from luxury fleets, private yachts, glass boats, or group trips. And, if you want a different experience, choose our Deep Sea Fishing Trips and have fun in a way you never expected. In fact, we are proud owners of high-quality yachts, so, we guarantee a memorable experience in Aqaba. Come on; join us now!

Try Fishing Trips with Seabreeze

Aqaba Fishing Tour -Seabreaze Aqaba
Aqaba Fishing Tour -Seabreaze Aqaba

Up for a new adventure? – Bounce into the water and challenge yourself to catch lots of fish, even if it’s your first time. Yes, the thrill lies in the challenge. With every new catch, you’ll definitely feel the adrenaline pumping into your veins. We combine tranquility with adventure in just one trip. Soak in the natural beauty as you breathe in the fresh breeze, basking in the sun. And, because all you have to do on this trip is to relax, we guarantee a safe, enjoyable trip with no equal. Also, we provide you with all the necessary equipment, resulting in your best fishing trip ever. No hassle, no phones, no distractions. Just you, the sky, and sparkling waters! Finally, say goodbye to the crew, who are likely to be your friends by now. After this enjoyable trip, we are sure that you’ll be joining us again next year, won’t you?!


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